We Source Low Water Trading Prices

Interested in permanent or temporary water? We make it easier to buy and sell, transfer ownership and transfer location, wherever you live in the country. As the leading scheme in the country, we provide easy access to our wide and diverse network of buyers and suppliers, allowing you to find the exact terms that you need.

Acting as a middle-ground between buyer and supplier, we link people together. It’s part of what makes us Australia’s favourite aggregator for listings. With thousands of satisfied customers around the country, we are ready to partner with you.

Interested in permanent or temporary water?


Our point of difference in all water trading activities

We are more than happy to provide you with any information you might need to make your transaction flawless. As a family-run business, we are independently owned – this means we are dedicated to your unique needs and are able to provide you personalised service and information.

We have connections to suppliers in some of the country’s leading suppliers, each of whom provides clean, desalinated water at low costs. The Murray Darling basins, which lie between Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales’ Goulburn Valley region, have some of the world’s cleanest water, which will be of great benefit to your home, business or agriculture.

We’re set apart by our decades of combined experience, which allow us to make informed decisions at every turn. Consistently monitoring trade fluctuations, growth and trends, we are able to provide you with a top level of service that makes your experience easy from start to finish.

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Contact us with any information or questions you may have; we are more than happy to help improve your experience. With a head office in Irymple, Victoria, we service all of Australia with water trading needs.